“I Support Death with Dignity”

Death with Dignity is a growing movement that works to ensure terminally ill Americans have the freedom to control their end-of-life options, including how they die.

We have our work cut out for us: Forty-six states still lack a statute outlining the procedure (and safeguards) for obtaining medication to hasten an inevitable death. Our state-by-state campaign aims to change that—with your help we will.

You belong to the seventy percent of Americans who support the end-of-life option allowing qualified terminally ill people to end their lives through physician-prescribed medications. That’s right: seven in ten Americans want this option. We are glad to count you as one of them.

We can win if your voice is heard in this campaign. Will you show your support for Death with Dignity to your friends and followers? Share this graphic on Facebook or Twitter.

' Support Death with Dignity' Graphic

Death with Dignity works tirelessly to secure passage of the same end-of-life option laws the residents of Oregon, Washington, Vermont, and California have. We’re leading the charge alongside our local partners in D.C., Maine, Maryland, New York, and elsewhere, and we won’t stop until every state has a Death with Dignity statute.

We can’t do this alone. We will win if everyone who supports Death with Dignity works together to achieve policy reform. Your advocacy is crucial in growing our momentum. Please declare your support for Death with Dignity in your community.

Share the graphic to spread the word about our joint effort provide all Americans the same freedom that Oregonians, Washingtonians, and Vermonters enjoy: to make their own decisions at the end of life.