New California Story: Anne Lower

February 12, 2016

We’ve published a story from California. Do you have Death with Dignity story to tell? Please share it with us.

Anne Lower: Having a Good Death

Anne Lower is a filmmaker in Hollywood, California.

My parents brought me up in an environment in which I was encouraged to own and make my own choices in life. This attitude extended to death, too; Death with Dignity was literally a dinner-table subject in my family. I like to say that Death with Dignity has been my life’s journey.

My father was an architect and member of the Hemlock Society. After he saw his mother, friends, and family die, he said that, if it came to the point where he couldn’t manage his own affairs, he wanted to die. He lobbied for Death with Dignity in Oklahoma.

One day, my mother found him in the driveway, unable to move—he’d had a stroke. He went into a coma and after he came out of it, he could not speak. He only mouthed the words, “I want to die.”

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